Best Spot for Diving in Bali: 5 Spots with Stunning Underwater World

Bali Best Diving Spot
Bali Diving Spot

Bali is still an attraction for tourists who want to see the diversity of marine life. This is due to Bali entering as one of the World Coral Triangle regions. The World Coral Triangle Region, where 95% of the regions in Indonesia, including Bali, have varied coral species diversity – around 75% of total species worldwide.

Bali is still the prima donna because of its easy access to the island and the development of the region and its tourism potential is very maximum. If you intend to visit Bali for diving, this is the best spot for diving in Bali.

Diving Spots in Bali with Stunning View

Manta Point, Nusa Penida

Have you ever dreamed of diving accompanied by giant fish species? The dream will come true at Manta Point. Here, you will dive by looking, even accompanied by manta ray fish of various lengths, from 3 to 5 m.

When you dive, you will dispel the notion that manta rays are scary animals. Diving here will provide an amazing experience because you will be met by up to 6 manta rays while diving that surrounds you like dancing.

The depth of the water for diving here is around 12 m.

However, when strong currents occur, it is recommended that only experienced divers do the diving. If the currents are safe, beginners with the guides can dive here. Manta Point is in Nusa Penida, which can be reached by ferry from Sanur Harbor or Padang Bai Harbor.

Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

Have you ever heard of a type of fish called mola-mola? If not, and you want to see it, Crystal Bay can be your destination when in Bali. Mola-mola fish is a type of fish that has a unique appearance and large size, about 3 m with a weight of about 1,000 kg.

If you are heading to Crystal Bay and want to see this fish, the best time is between Octobers to June.

In Crystal Bay, the depth of water for diving is around 30 m. As the name implies, Crystal Bay has very clear water (crystal clear water). Crystal Bay is located in Nusa Penida, adjacent to Manta Point.

The Drop Off, Tulamben

The best spot for diving in Bali that you can’t miss is The Drop Off. The Drop Off in Tulamben, Karangasem Regency, or it could be called Tulamben Wall, is a diving area formed by the eruption of Mount Agung eruption in 1963. Therefore, the name of this place is following its history, which is the result of a volcanic eruption that eventually ended up form a slope under the sea and becomes a place to live much marine life. You will be able to see lots of fish species, from small to large, and colourful sea coral. The depth of this diving spot is around 80 m, but from a depth of 3 m, you can already see the beauty of the underwater world. If you are a connoisseur of underwater photography, this place is perfect because it has clear visibility to a depth of 30 m.

US Liberty Wreck Ship, Tulamben

Not far from The Drop Off, about 1.5 km, there is another diving spot with stunning views called the US Liberty Wreck Ship. The US Liberty Wreck Ship in Tulamben is one of the most popular diving wreck ships in the world. Also, this wrecked ship is famous for being easily accessible, only about 40 m from the beach. The depth of this diving spot reaches 30 m, with a depth of the first 5 meters you can already see the beauty of the sea world. For those of you beginners and professionals, you will be amazed by the scenery of this diving spot. A brief history of this ship sinking was in 1942, this ship was sunk by torpedoes by the Japanese. Then, in 1963, when Mount Agung erupted, the flow of the lava dragged the wreckage of this ship until it shifted to its present place.

Amed Beach

The last best spot for diving in Bali is Amed Beach. Amed Beach is one of the beaches in the Karangasem Regency, not far from The Drop Off, about 12 km. Located in the eastern part of Bali, Amed is also a fisherman village. Maybe you will not fill this place is like a diving place, but it is about 15 minutes from the shoreline, you will arrive at a diving place with a stunning view. The depth of this diving spot is around 35 m. Here you can see various marine species, such as seahorse or sea turtle. Another exciting experience is the vehicle used from the shoreline to the diving spot. You will use a unique traditional boat named jukung boat.

That’s the best spot for diving in Bali that you can explore. Some of these places have an adjacent location. This will facilitate you in satisfying your desire to explore the underwater world.

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