Jimbaran Beach As An Alternative For Leisure Activity

Jimbaran Beach Bali Indonesia
Jimbaran Beach Bali Indonesia

If you are having so stressful days, Jimbaran beach can be the best option to choose from. It is also very popular with the Jimbaran Bay resort located on Bali’s southwestern coast. As one of the recommended beaches, Jimbaran offers small isolated peaceful areas for your stressful world.

What makes this beach so popular among the visitors are the hidden leafy coconut palm trees they can enjoy as an amazing view. Additionally, Jimbaran is also famous as a home of some luxury hotels. One of which is the Jimbaran Bay and the InterContinental Bali Resort and spa.

Jimbaran Beach Specialty

Did you know that Jimbaran Beach is one of the most popular white sandy beaches in Bali? Its soft texture of the sand is yellowish-white. When you are laying down on the pad, you will be able to look at Ngurah Rai airport, the only airport in Bali comes with the international standard.

Along the seashore are the hotels, spa, and villa which are all offering luxurious facilities and services. Never worry about the cleanliness of both the hotels and the beach. The cleaning services are always there to keep the seashore clean.

The Popular Roasted Seafood Cuisine

Enjoy the roasted seafood cuisine offered by the cafes along the seashores. The delicious taste of the cuisine is very much inviting.

You can have the options to have the delicate roasted fish, lobster, shrimp, squid and mollusks which are served along with the rice, Plecing veggies, traditional sauce, and the coconut ice.

This way, visitors can definitely choose what they want to eat and determine the amount.

There are many restaurants in Jimbaran. Made Bagus Cafe and Teba Mega Cafe are a good one to start with. They are popular, but sometimes it gets overcrowded quickly, especially on Saturday night.

Looking for a cheaper price? Go to Warung. Although you can’t get the best view, they still served a good taste!

If the driver (taxi, motorbike, etc) suggest or take you to a specific Restaurant at Jimbaran, it’s good to know that some of them are getting paid by the Restaurant. Please check its review beforehand.

The Beautiful Sunset Spot

Most visitors come to Jimbaran to witness the beautiful sunset. Supported by the sound of the waves, they would enjoy the sunset while having a meal with the roasted seafood cuisine.

The beach and the sunset itself has a romantic ambiance, so it is great to have a drink and watch the sunset with your loved ones. And after the sun goes down completely, you’ll have a wonderful romantic supper together.

Surfing On The Beach

Besides swimming or snorkeling, you could surf on this beach. Although it is not one of the best spots for surfing in Bali, this beach considers as one of the most beginner-friendly beaches for surfing.

There are some surf schools in the Jimbaran area. You could join in or just rent a surfboard and take a short course there.

Fish Market

One of the attractive places in Jimbaran for some people is the Fish Market. You could see various fresh fish here. Some tourists also find it interesting to see the selling and buying activity at this market.

Jimbaran beach Fish Market
Fresh Fish at Jimbaran Fish Market – Image by Max Grabert [CC BY-SA 2.0] | modified

You could also buy the fresh fish that you interested in, and bring it to the warung to be served. Although some Warung are welcome to serve the fish, it is good to make a deal with the warung in the first hand before you buy the fish.

It is best to come early around 6 to 9 a.m if you are interested to visit the market.

Fishing Sensation

Despite enjoying the delicious seafood, you could go on a fishing trip here. There are many tours that offer a fishing trip.

You could ask at your hotel whether they have the fishing tour or you could just find some tour booth in Jimbaran. And Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay is one of the tours that offer a great fishing experience.

Jimbaran Beach Fishing
Jimbaran Fishing Trip – Image by Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay

And if you looking for a cheaper price, you could ask directly the fisherman on Jimbaran and make the offer. But you should bring your own fishing equipment or be happy with the fishing equipment from the fisherman if they agreed to provide.

Are you excited to catch your own fish?

The Best Way To Get To Jimbaran Beach

Do you want to get to this beach now? The best way to reach it is by taking a taxi. However, if you want to visit more other places, you can rent a car along with the Balinese driver.

If you looking for a cheaper cost, you could rent a motorbike or using online transportation like Gojek and Grab.

Jimbaran Beach Location

The first important thing to think of just before you decide to visit is the location. Located in Badung regency, you can reach this beach by 30 minutes from Denpasar city or 10 minutes only from Ngurah Rai Bali’s international airport. Isn’t it easy to find the place?

If this beach is the first destination you want to head to, you can definitely take a flight to Ngurah Rai airport and head to the beach within 10 minutes only.

No matter how long you want to stay, the Jimbaran Bay Resort and Spa is ready for the most luxurious hotel to stay along with the high-class service. 


In short, Jimbaran beach is one of the best options we recommend. Enjoy the delicious cuisine while you are also witnessing the sunset is all the best way to escape from the stressful world.

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