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Medewi Beach Bali Surfing
Medewi Beach - Bali

Medewi beach is one of the surf spots you shouldn’t miss while you are in Bali. Its waves will tickle your soul to ride it on with a surfing board.

There are some surfing spots in Bali, but Medewi beach has been known and famous in many of the surfer’s communities as one of the best surf spots destinations since it has a long left point break, big wave, and strong current.

The main spot is suitable for beginner up to professional surfer. But if you looking for some challenge, you could go southward up to the river mouth.

Although the main attraction is surfing, there are several things to do on this beach.

Medewi Beach Bali

Medewi originally named Meduwi by locals, which means thorny, since it was a forest filled by thorny trees called Ketket. And the forest becomes a village known as Meduwi village back then.

But as time goes by, there are more people stay and lived in this village from a different region of Indonesia. And these multi-ethnic group often misspelling Medewi rather than Meduwi.

Medewi Beach Coastal Line

Medewi Beach itself is divided into two main portions, the eastern half (southward) is very rocky with many large flat grey stone boulders blending in with pebbles and black sand.

The western half (northward) is full of sand. Not the best place to sunbathe but perfect for a long peaceful and quiet stroll.

Medewi beach coastal line approximately 2 kilometers long, and limited by two rivers mouth. You’ll find many locals and rustic lives alongside the coastal line.

Try to smile and greet them and you will feel great hospitality and warm vibes.

Surfing Paradise

If you are a surfer, you have to come and greet this beach. The height of the wave is up to 9 feet, and on average the wave has a height around 2 – 6 feet.

And as stated above, Medewi beach has long swell and strong wave which make it great for surfing. And try to catch the mid to high tide since it is the best tide to working on this beach.

Do not come to surf on this beach from November to February since it is the rainy season or you surely will be disappointed. The dry season which tends to be in March to October is a good time to come to surf on Medewi beach, and the largest wave could be found in July or August.

If you are a beginner surfer or a first-timer, try to have low to medium tide and have a trainer that could be easily found on the main spot of the beach.

Other Things to Do in Medewi Beach

So what kind of things to do other than surfing?

Medewi Beach
Medewi Beach As One of the Surfing Spot in Bali

Local Fishermen

There are local fishermen nearby. They catch their prey just east of the river mouth, which can be accessed down a steep incline from in the main road. If you want, you can buy really cheap and fresh seafood here. They have all kinds of seafood.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s still an interesting place to check out. You can see things like cows grazing the meadows, housewives mending nets for their fishermen husbands, rapid sales happening all over the market, kids playing happily, and boats being hauled out of the water.

Usually, the catch is coming in until around 10 AM. The scenery will take you into a peaceful and simple lifestyle. Very different from city life. This is a genuine traditional Balinese day to day activities.

Sunset View

You can enjoy the sunset in full view. The sunset over the Indian Ocean here is quite magnificent. The sight of sunset will be buried deep in your memory.

Just lay down on the beach and relax or go to the restaurant nearby and grab some drinks and meals to have a wonderful supper while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Yoga by the Sunset at Medewi Beach Bali
Yoga by the Sunset – Image by Madonina

Visiting Bunut Bolong

You can also visit Bunut Bolong also known as The Magic Tree. 20 minutes’ drive from Medewi and you can see amazing and creepy Banyan tree that somehow has grown and left enough gap in the center for vehicles to pass straight through it. 

There is a waterfall in the area called Juwuk Manis, 30 mins drive northeast of Medewi and you can see the waterfall. Although it is not the best waterfall in Bali, the water is fresh, perfect for swimming. The entry fee is IDR 5000.

But be noted if you plan to greet the waterfall, you will face around 800 stairs from the parking lot.


Medewi Beach is located in West Bali. Medewi is a beach village, a tiny and remote village and one of the least visited places in Bali.

Medewi is located about 75 km west of Denpasar, 34 km further west than the town of Tabanan. If you’re traveling from the south of Bali by road to the west coast port town of Gilimanuk will pass by here.

The area here is great to walk around. You can get by just by walking around but if you want to rent a motorbike, your hotel should be able to provide one. Expect to pay around IDR 70.000 to 100.000 per day.


The facility at Medewi beach is good. You could easily find various places to eat and sleep, surf boat rent, motorbike rent, public toilet, parking area, etc.

If you are a Muslim, there is a prayer room called mushola, which is the mini mosque version.

Places to Eat

There are many restaurants, cafes, bars, food & drink stall, and Warung. And some of the places to eat that you should try are :

  • Warung Bagus
  • Rasta Cafe
  • Waroeng Ten Pandan
  • Cafe Tahu

Places to Sleep

You could easily find various places to sleep, ranging from cheap to expensive ones. And some of the favorite places to sleep are :

  • Kelapa Retreat
  • Umasari Resort
  • Mai Malu
  • Medewi Bambu House
  • Medewi Beach Cottage
  • Kirra’s Beach House
  • Bali Tiger Hideaway

Final Words

Back to Medewi Beach, the beach is very popular among surfers. The waves are high and long. The largest weaves usually come in July and August. Most people think that the only reason to come to the beach is to surf if anything that just proofs how great the beach is for surfing.

For surfers, this should be on top of your list. Many surfers have decided that this is the best place to get the waves.

Or you can just simply chill on the sandy beach and enjoy your time.

No matter what you want to do, Medewi Beach is still one of the beaches in Bali to this day.

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