Green Bowl Beach – Challenging and Rewarding

Bali Green Bowl Beach
Bali Green Bowl Beach - Image by bramazharee

Green Bowl Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali. This island with a funny name is located on the Southern side of Bali and is quite well hidden.

The reason why the beach is called Green Bowl is that when the tide is gone, you can see green algae that look like a bowl and if you look at the beach from the top of the cliff, you can see that the ocean view is shaped like a green bowl.

The main attraction of this beach is the blue-colored with a little bit of green ocean water. So, are you interested?

What To Expect In Green Bowl Beach

Surf Coast Green Bowl Beach Bali
Surf Coast Green Bowl Beach Bali

A lot of people called Green Bowl Beach as Bali Cliff because on top of the cliff there used to be a hotel called Bali Cliff. There are also people who call it Ungasan Beach because the beach is near Ungasan Village.

Despite how great the beach is, it’s not really well known. Mainly because it’s well-hidden compared to most beaches in Bali. Also, when you’re there, you will see that there aren’t many people at the beach.

The reason for this is not because the beach isn’t great or beautiful. In fact, it is the complete opposite of that as we stated before.

The only reason is because of the location. The beach is located pretty far away from the tourist center in South Bali and a lot of people can’t be bothered to climb up and down the stairs to and from the beach.

From the parking lot, you will have to climb down around 300-400 set of stairs. Now you know why most people are turned off from visiting the beach.

But, don’t let this prevent you to go to the beach, treat this is as a challenge before you can enjoy the beautiful beach.

The Fees

The entrance fee is free of charge but the parking slot will cost you IDR 5K. Prepare yourself before you climb the stairs and your effort will be awarded when you see the beautiful ocean views.

Things To Do In Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach Bali Aerial View of Surfer
Aerial View of Surfer In Green Bowl Beach

Besides the beautiful color of the ocean water, the coral reef is gorgeous, the waves are high, and the water is clear. As you have already guessed, the beach is perfect for surfers.

Surfers can enjoy the waves for as much as they want. If you’re hungry for the high and strong waves then you will be satisfied with Green Bowl Beach.

You can swim too, the beach is safe for swimmers, or you can just simply chilling on the beachside. The sand is beautiful, soft and clean. If you go to the beach during sundown you can enjoy the sunset in peace, since the place is very quiet and you can hear the waves clearly.

Best Time To Visit

Surely the dry season is the best time to visit and greet the beach. The dry season takes place around May to September and the peak of the dry season is in August.

The Tide Times

And to experience more, it is best to come at low tide. Because at high tide the sea water covers almost all of the shoreline.

The low tide frequently occurs at around 10 a.m to 3 p.m, but you had to check the tide times beforehand as a reference, so you won’t disappointed by the time you get there.

How To Get There

The Location

The beach located in Ungasan, which is in the region of South Bali. To get to the beach from the north side, head to Uluwatu through the main road.

After passing by Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) main gate, slow down and be prepared to turn left to Jl. Bali Cliff (Bali Cliff Road) which is around 1 Km from the gate.

Head straight away until you reach the Green Bowl Parking Lot. Along the way feel free to ask the locals if you feel lost. They are friendly and very welcome to help you.

Surely it’s easier to use the Google Map to guide you to the beach. But sometimes the network could be screwed up, so be prepared in case it occurs.

The Transportation

To get to this beach, you could rent a motorbike that costs around IDR 50K up to IDR 100K or rent a car which is around IDR 500K (excl. driver) up to IDR 700K (incl. driver) for Avanza or Xenia type.

If you stay nearby, you could use Gojek or Grab, the online transportation service, to take you there.

Final Words

The beach can be a challenge for most people, the long distance from resorts and the seemingly endless stairs leading to the beach. If you’re up for the challenge then prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful spots in Bali, the Green Bowl Beach.

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