The Unique and Clean Penglipuran Village

Bali Penglipuran Village
Penglipuran Village in Bali - Image by Eric Bajart [CC BY-SA 2.0]

One of the most visited traditional villages in Bali is Penglipuran village. By going to the traditional villages you will experience real Balinese people along with their traditional way of life.

If you are interested in getting to know about Balinese culture you should do it through the visit of traditional villages while you are in Bali.

Penglipuran Village

About Penglipuran

Penglipuran village is one of the oldest villages it has existed since the period of the Bangli Kingdom around the 18th century.

It is located in the Kubu sub-district in Bangli, Bali, and being at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, makes the atmosphere is nice and cool.

The name “ Penglipuran” comes from the word “pengeling /eling” meaning “to remember” and “Pura” meaning “ ancestral land”.

The name of the village can be defined that in building and developing the village life they keep on their ancestor land in mind.

How it begins and the awards

Not many people know that it was not designed to be a tourist attraction at first.

In late 1980, the Public Works office formulated a project of reordering settlement and environment and it was initiated conservation works in the village.

The goal of the project is originally to preserve the ancestral traditions for the sake of future generations.

In 1990 the action was followed by the development of parks in the front and side part of the houses by the villagers and the students on rural service assignments.

Out of expectation, all the conservation efforts drew the attention of Bangli regency administration and so it was declared, Penglipuran as a tourist village and it started to be the object of tourism in 1993.

Soon after it became a tourist attraction, in 1995, a Kalpataru award was given to Penglipuran village.

It was given by the Indonesian government for environmental sustainability for growing and maintaining bamboo forest sized 75 hectares and also for preserving traditional buildings and spatial design according to ancestral design.

In 2006, the village has its title to be the world’s cleanest villages along with other villages in the Netherlands and India.

Recently in 2017, another award was given to Penglipuran, it was the Indonesia sustainable Tourism Award (ISTA) for the category of the best in cultural preservation.

The uniqueness of Penglipuran Village

The village is 112 hectare and it is a home for more than 900 people from more than 200 families.

The villagers are inhabiting 76 plots divided equally with each of it is facing the main village road.

The main village road is pavement made of stones and it separated the rows of houses.

The traditional elements of the village are mostly for the design of the houses, they are built from bricks and woven bamboo.

We can see a large temple in the entry fate to the village and starting from the gate it is a free gas emission zone.

In Penglipuran village, it is forbidden for a man to have more than one wife.

And the punishment for the act of stealing is also unique, the thief will be punished by giving 5 chickens as offerings to 4 ancestral temples.

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